AED 5000 fine for publishing health announcement without a permit in Abu Dhabi
AED 5000 fine for publishing health announcement without a permit in Abu Dhabi

aleqtisady - The United Arab Emirates imposes large fines of up to AED 5,000 for publishing a health declaration without a permit in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

aleqtisady .... Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Chairman of the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, has issued Resolution No. (37) of 2019 on the regulation of health information and advertising, and the regulation applies to the advertising and media activity on health products and services in the Emirate, in line with the objective, vision and mission Circle .

Hence, the general rules and conditions of advertising and media included the obligation of the person requesting the permit to observe that the advertisement or the media should be compatible with public morals. And also to take into account the customs and traditions of society in the state. And not to scratch public modesty.

AED 5000 fine for publishing health announcement without a permit in Abu Dhabi

As well as observance of the rules of classical Arabic in the text of the Declaration or the media. The scientific and health terms used in the advertisement shall be correct. Also, the advertisement or the media shall not contain anything that may harm public health or third parties, or may lead to misleading the public or be contrary to the truth.

In this context, the general terms and conditions of advertising and media included that the content of the advertisement or the media should be clear, not likely to be interpreted or interpreted, nor to any unfulfilled expectations. It does not contain suggestions or ideas that may cause the public to panic or fear, to make him believe that he is suffering from a serious illness or illness.

Also, the advertisement or the media shall not deal with the treatment of diseases in ways and methods that have not been proved to be valid, or their results and are not recognized and licensed by the Department. As well as stay away from words of exaggeration and intimidation such as «only, unique, unparalleled, the finest products, beware of imitation, magic formula, miracle come true and others» and may not cause the text of the announcement or the media to trickery or any other controls or conditions specified by the Department.

It is also prohibited for any person to publish an advertisement or notification about a health product or service or to make any amendments thereto without obtaining a permit from the Department. The authorized advertisement or notification with the controls and conditions stated in these regulations.

Follow up the media to make sure that no advertisement or notification is published without permission. Or to be published as unauthorized or published in any manner contrary to the rules and conditions contained in these regulations and to conduct inspection visits when suspected of a violation of the permit, and in the case of verification of the violation is recorded in the record of proof and if proven to be a violation of administrative penalties contained in This regulation.

After the proceedings have been taken to summon the offending person, in case of non-attendance, he will be summoned again.

In addition, according to the regulation, it is permissible to reconcile the violations imposed on it by an administrative fine, which is specified in these regulations.When seizing the violation, the judicial officer shall submit the reconciliation to the violator by paying the equivalent of 75% of the total value of the administrative fine prescribed for the violation provided for in this regulation.

If the violator has accepted the composition, the judicial officer shall prove it in the minutes of the proceedings, provided that the administrative fine shall be paid within sixty days from the date of the offer of reconciliation. If the violator refuses to reconcile or fails to pay the fine within the specified period, the judicial officer shall refer the report to the Department for legal action in this regard.

In addition, the person concerned may appeal against the decision to cancel, suspend or withdraw the permit before the Department within sixty days from the date of notification of the complainant.

The list of fines and administrative penalties for violations of health advertisements, based on what has been agreed with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, included a fine of AED 5,000 for publishing the health announcement by any media without a permit.

The second time increases to ten thousand dirhams. In the third time and above, the fine will be AED 20,000 or temporarily suspending the activity or both. A fine of AED 5,000 for electronic applications containing health advertisements or distribution of printed brochures containing health advertisements or publications without permission. The fine is doubled to 20,000 dirhams the second time and at 43,000 dirhams, or the facility license is suspended for one month or both.