Latest instructions of the UAE government for citizens and expatriates before the holiday
Latest instructions of the UAE government for citizens and expatriates before the holiday

Under the heading of a new obligation from the Emirates government to all commercial centers and stores, as well as all pharmacies in Abu Dhabi, the UAE newspapers reviewed us today, where the government committed all of the aforementioned to provide temperature measuring devices to serve the hesitants, citizens and foreigners to these places .. Details in the folds of this article from Economic newspaper.

Hence, the Department of Economic Development in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, yesterday called on the managers of commercial centers and food stores, as well as all pharmacies and their owners, to provide thermal inspection devices and cameras for shoppers at the main entrances to their facilities.

In this matter, the department has indicated today, according to what has been reported by the Emirates News Agency (WAM), that the installation of devices and cameras for thermal examination.

It is an important step to enable commercial centers to apply the best standards of precautionary and preventive measures, to protect visitors and shoppers before they enter the centers.

Hence, the devices will be linked with the programs of the National Commission for Crises, Emergencies and Disasters in return for fees to be determined later, and the department has confirmed that the period of shopping and visiting for customers must not exceed two hours, in order to reduce the accumulation of shoppers and maintain the remaining 30% of the absorptive capacity of shoppers within the commercial centers .

Through it, the department’s representative, Rashid Al Balushi, explained that this circular comes within the framework of continuous coordination and cooperation between the department and the National Crisis, Emergency and Disaster Management Authority, to take all necessary measures that protect the safety of community members from corona virus infection.

Which contributes to providing all services according to conditions and controls safe for all, and Al-Balushi noted that commercial centers that start implementing all controls and requirements will be granted permission to open and receive visitors and shoppers who have a responsibility.

Commitment to implement the procedures required of them for safe shopping, and shoppers are required to stand at the entrance in front of the thermal examination camera, shopping for a maximum of two hours at the center, wear masks and gloves, spacing between individuals, pay by credit card, and others.

Hence, the UAE Ministry of Health has carried out, during the past 24 hours, more than 26 thousand new examinations within the plans to expand the scope of the tests; and 557 new cases of the newly created "Corona" virus were detected, bringing the total number of cases recorded 13038.

Where the UAE has registered six new deaths due to infection from the Corona virus, bringing the total number of deaths in the UAE to 111. The total number of cases recovered from the disease, within 24 hours, is 114, raising the total to 2543 cases in the country.