The Kuwaiti government takes measures exclusively on migrant workers
The Kuwaiti government takes measures exclusively on migrant workers

Between cuts in wages and termination of contracts The Kuwaiti government issues a decision that overthrows the dreams of expatriates under their feet!

In a statement announced by a Kuwaiti newspaper, a decision was issued by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Social Affairs regarding the law on arrivals on Kuwaiti lands, where Marian Al-Aquila, Minister of Social Affairs, announced the approval of the Kuwaiti National Assembly for the draft new arrivals, which focuses on several axes in the liquidation and regulation of the labor market and recruitment of labor With specific professional proportions, in order to organize the professional roles in the state and preserve the demographics, and through a perspective that was previously determined to reorganize the workers and bring in expatriate workers according to the professions that the Kuwaiti labor market needs by conducting a simple equation to The violation of the evacuated labor and its repatriation.


While one of the government sources announced that, in light of the conditions the country is going through from the international crisis, "Corona" puts all governments on their shoulders the security and safety of their citizens. In these circumstances, expatriates are under forced pressure, with work stopping, so it is better for them to return to their country, and this contributes to that. In returning the situation to normal, while providing guarantees for the rights of expatriates, while securing known standards for international workers' rights.


As mentioned, governments should provide total support to evacuate their nationals, and they should also bear the responsibility to provide and facilitate legal procedures for their citizens and facilitate travel procedures for violators of the residence law for those who wish to travel and return to their home countries.


As explained by the Minister of Social Affairs, the recruitment law will be reviewed by companies and the mechanism of recruitment for expatriate workers will be reviewed for the craftsmen and workers in the country’s mechanism in order to serve the public interest of the country in the rates determined by the labor law,