Labor disaster puts the Emirates in an embarrassing position in front of the international community in Dubai
Labor disaster puts the Emirates in an embarrassing position in front of the international community in Dubai

The Emirates extends a helping hand to expatriate workers by launching a new initiative to help expatriates from tight poverty

The General Authority for the Emigration Red Crescent proceeded to accelerate the situation in the Emirate of Dubai, to cover what was mentioned in the labor disaster announced by some Emigration media, as the matter began to spin out of control after the outbreak of the new Corona virus among many classes of expatriate workers, in addition to To the state of drought, which they constantly live in recently, while these men were subject to slow death, either by the virus or as a result of poor nutrition after the numbers became constantly increasing.

On this basis, the Emirates Red Crescent Society announced the launch of a new initiative known as "You are among your family" to absorb the anger of many expatriates, as the Secretary-General of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, Mr. Muhammad Equate Al-Falasha, announced that this initiative aims to achieve social development among expatriate workers Ali The various nationalities aim at direct awareness among expatriate workers and the leaders to harden their conditions and investigate and provide them with assistance in the most urgent conditions to overcome this crisis.

Al-Falasha announced that the aim of this initiative is to reduce the burden on workers under the current circumstances and to stand beside the workers in a humane manner, and to stand next to the families who lost one of their members, explaining that the body will provide all their requirements and relieve them and provide material and moral assistance to them and enhance their abilities to overcome the ordeal .

The Red Crescent Authority also announced that the UAE will take care and guarantee the families of deceased immigrants with the Corona virus of all nationalities, while Muhammad Equate promised that the UAE will do everything in its power to achieve the goals of the initiative and stand beside the needs of expatriates in the country and provide all the requirements of modern life and secure and provide health care for the injured Corona in the Emirate of Dubai and all Emirates.

While the UAE has received many criticisms about the treatment of migrant workers by a private company and expatriate recruitment company in the Emirate of Dubai, in treating migrants with disrespect as it has been subjected to harsh criticism by human rights organizations in describing the situation as slavery.

According to what was mentioned in reports by Human Rights Watch, which received many complaints about Sir Lankan workers in Dubai, about the violations committed against them by the UAE authorities, and the lack of respect for their human and negligence in their own security and safety.