woman trains women to drive in Saudi

A Saudi woman in Jazan has been able to enter the world of driving training and help those who want to learn to overcome the problem of lack of specialized training schools in the region.

According to Okaz newspaper, Suha Khuli succeeded in training 53 women to drive cars in different schemes and locations, pointing to the high turnout of girls and women to train as the number of advanced women exceeds 100 women per week.


She said that the shortage in schools led women to go to land sites and outside the urban areas to learn to drive, which led her to rent a site in particular to teach women in theory and then begin to teach them in practice.

She noted that she learned to drive 11 months ago, when she went to Jeddah province to obtain the license to no avail because of the traffic and long deadlines.


Saudi women were allowed to drive the car, effective June 24, 2018, following a landmark royal decree taken by the kingdom in September 2017, granting Saudi women the right to own a driver's license and drive herself.