Abu Dhabi Police call on all drivers to stop completely at a stop sign
Abu Dhabi Police call on all drivers to stop completely at a stop sign

aleqtisady - UAE .. Abu Dhabi Police has called on drivers in the UAE to fully comply with the new amendment on the movement of vehicles and stop at a stop sign.Not to be exposed to more traffic violations, as well as to maintain the safety of the driver and vehicle from major collisions, after fully adhering to the traffic instructions.

aleqtisady - Through field follow-up on the ground, the United Arab Emirates, through the Abu Dhabi Police, called on all drivers within the safety trail campaign to adhere to the total stopping at the stop line, according to the spokesperson and in a statement posted on Twitter.

Abu Dhabi Police call on all drivers to stop completely at a stop sign

Hence, the Metropolitan Police have reported that failure to stop and to constitute a complete stop at the stop line may cause serious collisions.

This is because drivers do not use intersections and road crossings correctly, so every driver must adhere to this step to maintain your safety.

Abu Dhabi Police obliges drivers and vehicle owners to amend the new Traffic Law

In this regard, the Abu Dhabi Police have urged all drivers to give priority to vehicles that are running on main roads, as well as vehicles coming from non-major or stop-off roads to allow those vehicles to pass safely.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi Police participated in its various directorates and public administrations, in the 8th Supporting Units Festival for shooting currently taking place and continuing until the end of this month, in the Al Reef region, Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road.

Abu Dhabi Police take part in the Supporting Units Festival

For its part, the Protocol and Public Relations Department in the Financial and Services Sector indicated that this participation comes within the framework of Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to enhance community partnerships and inform visitors of its various programs and activities.

This matter contributes to enhancing security and societal awareness, and embodies the government's strategy to enhance communication, build partnerships and achieve positive interaction with all bodies and institutions of society.