Al - Qa'im border crossing

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has agreed to open the Al-Qaim border crossing with Syria on Monday, news agencies reported.

In a related context has revealed some news agencies on Friday evening that the head of the Iraqi border outlets, Kazem Mohammed Prisam Al-Oqabi officially confirmed that "the port at the moment is ready for the passage of passengers and also for the process of trade exchange."

In November 2017, the government of Iraq recaptured the town of Qaim in the western Anbar province of the Islamic State from ISIS. His fall in Iraqi territory.

Currently, the Qaim border crossing with Damascus is adjacent to the Syrian town of Albukamal, which was also a stronghold of the Islamic State. The two towns are located on a highly strategic supply route where the crossing was open to government and military traffic only in the previous period.

The Iraqi army declared victory over ISIS in 2017 and lost its last territory in Syrian territory in 2019.