Dubai Police Offenses

100% discount on Dubai Police violations for all cars and driving licenses of all kinds

More than 300,000 drivers in Dubai have started competing for a 100% discount on traffic violations they committed before February, when a year passes them about three months later when the initiative expires.

According to Dubai Police records, tens of thousands of committed drivers in the emirate benefited by a 75% discount after the completion of the third phase of the traffic violation initiative, and the discount was automatically applied for the previous three stages of the initiative, while the race began in the last phase.

In view of the results achieved in the first three stages, according to the General Administration of Traffic data, the traffic violations index decreased by 2% from the same period last year, an unprecedented rate during many years, where there was no decrease in traffic violations, This reflects the commitment of a large number of drivers.

One of the important results in the first and second phases, which is being counted after the third stage, is the decrease in the traffic mortality index by 14% compared to the same period last year, despite the occurrence of exceptional incidents that rarely occur, and completely disrupted the death index, such as the Eid bus accident which resulted in Seventeen people died at once, and a minibus collided with a truck parked on the shoulder of the road, killing eight.

Dubai Police was keen to ensure that the initiative benefited from allowing drivers to renew their vehicles without paying their violations, as well as overlooking minor violations that were inadvertently committed, so as not to affect the balance of committed drivers.