Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Informed sources close to officials in Saudi Arabia confirmed that there are no fees and no taxes on expatriates from certain categories after it announced in the Saudi budget 2018 that the deficit rate is significantly lower than last year.

The Kingdom had previously announced an increase in the prices of energy and electricity, and confirmed the existence of good positive signs after the Kingdom resorted to reduce dependence on oil sources and the trend to tourism and others, in addition to the fees of expatriates, companions and dependents that doubled in 2018.

Officially, there are no fees and no taxes on expatriates who are counted as Saudis in the Nitaqat program, including the husband of the citizen, the wife of the citizen, the mother of the foreign citizen and some other categories.

As there are no taxes on Saudis and citizens, citizens will be compensated to increase prices and energy fees by supporting the citizen's account, especially after the Saudi budget 2018 was announced as the largest in the history of the Kingdom.