Archival photo for expatriates residing in the Emirates
Archival photo for expatriates residing in the Emirates

The UAE government has announced the granting of long-term residency to groups of researchers in many fields such as the field of science and knowledge, as well as to doctors and scientists as well as inventors and creators, and according to recent decisions from the government in the Emirates, the long-term residency system will include the wife and children.

According to the statement issued by the government, all of these aforementioned categories are required to have a valid employment contract for these categories, and specializations in a number of areas, taking into account that they have priority for the UAE in accordance with these conditions for each category:

Conditions for obtaining a residence visa for expatriates in the Emirates who have talents

  • First for scholars: The need for the applicant scientist to obtain residency to obtain a certificate accredited by the Emirates Council of Scientists.
  • Second, for the creators: The foreigner must have a certificate of creativity from the UAE Ministry of Culture.
  • Third, for inventors: The applicant must have a patent certificate.
  • Fourthly, doctors: The doctor must have a certificate with the degree of professor, or he has contributions in conducting research or scientific books.