The new amendments to the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is taking a number of important measures through the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia on the new amendments to the schedule and system of violations and sanctions, in order to implement the new executive regulations of the labor system.

This procedure follows the adoption of the new scale of violations, taking into account the questionnaire on the number of fines for each institution as well as the closure period for the institution in case it violates the regulations.

The Ministry of Labor in Saudi has approved these procedures in accordance with the regulations governing the Saudi labor market in conjunction with developments in the labor market in Saudi Arabia.

It should be mentioned that these new amendments come within the framework of the keenness of Saudi Arabia to raise the level of institutions in Saudi Arabia, as well as to create competition between institutions and some of them.

It was also decided in accordance with the schedule set for the establishment of the accreditation center in Saudi Arabia, which aims to impose sanctions in accordance with the amendments made by the Ministry of Labor on the executive regulations.

The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia allows the appeal of the institutions that have been punished, but provided that the appeal against the decision within 30 of the date of notification of the penalty.