fingerprint of expatriates in Kuwait

The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait allows expatriates to inquire about their fingerprint through its official website.

A new service for expatriates in the State of Kuwait revealed by the Ministry of Interior, which is to inquire about the fingerprint of expatriates in Kuwait through the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website.

Through the Fingerprint Inquiry Service, expatriates will be able to register their fingerprints electronically without having to go to the Ministry's premises located in all cities and regions of Kuwait.

It should be noted that the official website of the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait offers many other electronic services, which we will explain to you during the next few days, the most prominent of these services inquiring about the readiness of the Kuwaiti passport, and also a service inquiries about traffic violations Kuwait civil number, which can be any Kuwaiti or Expatriate knowledge of the value of violations in electronic form, where this e-service works for all users, whether individuals or owners of companies.

You can now inquire about the fingerprint through the official website, which will allow you to choose the section of citizens and residents. Selecting the Transactions section of the Electronic Forms section. Download the fingerprint form in order to fill in the data, write the name, residence number and other data in the blank fields and then enter the attachment section to send it electronically.

It should be noted that our expatriates must enter the data correctly, as well as write the data to the followers in the case of the presence of relatives of the first degree, in order to facilitate the procedures for the settlement of the situation in an easy and fast.