Absher saudi for Residence of expatriate

A special service provided by the Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for expatriates on how to inquire about the residence of each expatriate through the website Absher.

The importance of expatriate knowledge of residence is that it is considered as a legal authorization from the Saudi state to live and work, and every expatriate must abide by the laws and rules set by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the regulation of residency laws.

According to the newsletter, we will show you how to inquire about residency information for each expatriate in Saudi Arabia through the official website of Absher Servants.

Inquiring about the establishment of expatriate expatriates via Absher

The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia is keen to facilitate the expatriates in solidarity with all ministries, especially the service to provide all services to the Saudi citizen in a simple electronic form, and this electronic development has had a significant impact on citizens who are not obliged to go to the headquarters of ministries for their services, but they can inquire about Through the Internet

The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia has confirmed that expatriates can now through the famous portal to inquire about the validity of residence among many other services in electronic form, and every expatriate and expatriate who wants to know the expiry date of residence to follow the following steps:

1- Enter the official website of the Absher portal of the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

2- Click on the electronic queries and choose from the residence inquiry service.

3. Enter the residence number and the visible code.

4- You will be shown in seconds all the details of your stay.

To enter Absher website from here