Administrative Prosecution Functions

Providing administrative jobs on the salary of public employees submitted by the Public Prosecution days ago, it was determined that the application will begin and open the door for admission and registration on administrative jobs for men and women on tomorrow, Sunday 6 Rabi Awal 1441 AH - 3 November 2019 until the end of submission on Saturday 12 Rabi Awal- 9 November, through Jadara e-Government Recruitment System.

It is to be noted that the timing of entry and submission daily during the registration period from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Link to the prosecution 1441 through the merit of the civil service
The Public Prosecution has invited all graduates who hold scientific degrees and appropriate specializations to apply for their administrative positions for both sexes for the year 1441-2019 and announced through its official website, and clarify the coverage of the appointment on the salary of public employees.

We have announced the date of submission of the functions of the Office of the Public Prosecutor and invite all those wishing to apply through the recruitment system merit on the website of the Ministry of Civil Service on the date specified above.

And provide the direct link to enter and apply here:
Link to the announcement of the presentation of the official prosecution administrative functions for the year 1441-2019 (here)
As for the total number, which includes the jobs assigned by the Public Prosecution for the current year 1441-2019, it reached (414) vacant posts were distributed as follows: -

Rank the number of jobs
4 55
5 59
6 269
7 23
8 8
Total 414

To identify the target groups in the announcement of the provision of public prosecution jobs and their need to be filled by graduates and graduates, they are as follows: -

Graduates of intermediate diplomas after high school and equivalent
Bachelor degree graduates
Graduates of postgraduate diplomas
Graduates of the Master's degree
Providing jobs from 6 to 8 for those who have passed the cognitive ability test of the Ministry of Civil Service.
The names are sorted according to priority in the nomination for non-educational specializations and then for educational.
There must be an equation from the Ministry of Education for holders of degrees from outside the Kingdom.
A personal interview is required.
Invite more than one applicant to each of the highest-scoring applicants.