Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad's decision
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad's decision

he Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior imposes residence fees and categories excluded from payment in Article 28 of Resolution 957 of 2019

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has announced the determination of the financial value to be paid for the renewal of residency for expatriates in Article 28 of Resolution 957 issued for the year 2019 CE of the executive regulations of the Foreigners Law, which is scheduled to be implemented at the beginning of this year.

The list also included many changes in the decision, and those who wish to renew the residence must pay the new value prescribed in the list, which is estimated at three dinars to enter and two dinars for traffic, in addition to one dinar, an entry characteristic for several trips each month.

The Ministry also announced that the residence fee includes the payment of a minimum of 10 dinars for regular residence every year and one dinar each month as the permissible value does not exceed the amount of 10 dinars per year, taking into account that the sponsored person bears the residence fee for a worker in the government sector.

On the serious side, the law indicated that the fees for joining the head of the family are set at 10 dinars for the husband or wife and children in the government sector, and 100 dinars for workers in the private sector for the first year only, provided that the renewal fees for the following years are 10 dinars per person per year, Provided that the fees are collected for every individual even if it is added to another person's passport.

The law also excludes several categories of fees, headed by the children of foreigners, for Kuwaiti and Kuwaiti citizens, and military personnel from the category of illegal residents working in the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard, as well as citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries residing in Kuwait provided that they are treated in return