New decisions regarding immigrants awaiting implementation

One of the informed sources announced a new decision taken by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health to implement it through a number of outlets in Kuwait.

This decision came after the spread of the new "Corona" virus in a large number of Chinese cities, and its transmission to some regions of the world.

In statements published by a Kuwaiti newspaper on Friday morning The National Center for Health Regulations and Disease Control at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health met with a representative from the General Administration of Civil Aviation in the State of Kuwait and the head of the health emergency team at Kuwait International Airport to deal with the current situation.

The administration also announced the necessity of activating coordination with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior (Ports and Passports Department), and facilitating the Ministry of Health’s procedures for taking precautionary measures and installing thermal cameras at the airport, in addition to verifying the readiness of the health clinic and isolation room at the airport, and providing health protection tools for workers at the airport Of masks and gloves.

The General Administration of Kuwaiti Civil Aviation also took some preventive measures regarding passengers coming to Kuwait International Airport, according to the instructions of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, in a precautionary measure in such cases to subject the passengers concerned to the required examination.