Kuwait warns citizens in China of the Corona virus
Kuwait warns citizens in China of the Corona virus

aleqtisady - The authorities in the State of Kuwait, in an official statement, Somme, warn all of its citizens in the State of China of the new Corona virus, and calls on them to guide the utmost care and caution ... Details via this article from the newspaper Al-Eqtisadi.

aleqtisady... As the authorities in the State of Kuwait today called on their nationals in China to be cautious and cautious, after the spread of the new Corona virus in a number of cities and provinces.

Through the statement issued today by the Kuwaiti authorities, the Kuwaiti Consulate General in the Chinese city of Quanzhou urged in a statement that the Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA) received a copy of the Kuwaiti citizens present in the city and the surrounding areas to take preventive measures and measures.

In turn, she made it clear that Kuwaiti citizens in the regions where the virus is spreading must take several measures, including wearing a medical mask and not being in crowded places, in addition to following the guidelines announced by the Chinese Health Council.

The Kuwaiti Consulate in Guangzhou added that it has designated a hotline to receive calls and inquiries of Kuwaiti citizens by calling the emergency number (02038078070).

As the National Health Committee of China announced earlier today, Thursday, the incidence of pneumonia caused by the new Corona virus increased to 571 people in various regions and provinces of China, until the end of yesterday, Wednesday.

Hence, the committee added that 393 suspected cases have been reported, indicating that pneumonia cases have caused the death of 17 people, all of them in Hubei Province, central China, since the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan in early January, noting that the ages of the dead range between 48 and 89 Years old.