Kuwait considers dispensing thousands of expatriates
Kuwait considers dispensing thousands of expatriates

aleqtisady in Kuwait .. Amid parliamentary demands to deport expatriates, the Kuwaiti parliament is considering only 10 cases, for the authorities to deport expatriates from Kuwait.

The issue of the demographic imbalance in Kuwait may dominate the scene, both government and parliament, where the issuance of government decisions to curb trafficking in persons through fake companies coincided with parliamentary demands to deport expatriates who commit violations, according to a report published in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai.

Hence, Minister of State for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel issued a decision to form a committee to follow up employers who hold closed shop licenses, in order to «reduce the trade of residences in labor registered on licenses that do not operate.

Despite the fact that it is granted labor appreciation at the request of the holders of such licenses, and its negative impact on the composition of the population, which is a case of trafficking in persons criminalized by international conventions and national laws ».

Kuwait considers dispensing thousands of expatriates

In this regard, MP Safaa al-Hashem has proposed a desire, which includes ten cases where expatriates are deported due to the imbalance of the demographics, demanding that the expatriate's stay does not exceed five years and renewal up to a maximum of five years.

Hashim told Al-Eqtisadiah that those who examine the demographic profile note that things are moving towards dangerous indicators and need immediate treatment, because their security, social, health and educational repercussions are disturbing.

In turn, she considered that the move to contain the crisis created by the imbalance in the composition of the population has become necessary, both by the government and by the National Assembly, noting that it made a proposal with a desire to deport expatriates in some cases.

These cases are the termination of residency, employment for non-sponsors, mismatch of the profession in residence with reality, work in the field of trade and self-employment at the same time, and over the age of forty years for construction and reconstruction workers or those with disabilities or diseases.

Teachers in private schools who are not the owner of the educational establishment, the family of the expatriate who is deported, the person who has been sentenced by a judicial or legal ruling, and if the judgment is passed or executed or pardoned, and when three traffic violations were committed and the violations reached the legal limit, His proofs and did not renew.