Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Many news sources in Yemen confirmed that many Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia, who number about half a million expatriates, will leave Saudi Arabia due to a 100% tax on food and beverages on expatriates.

It has been reported that most restaurants in Saudi Arabia are operated by Yemenis and also owned by many Yemenis, which will carry them more burdens and exorbitant fees.

In its first response to this news, the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia confirmed that these decisions will not lead to the closure of restaurants and cafes and the exit of millions who work in them, but will lead to a double increase in the Saudi consumer tax and that those who buy food for 100 riyals will have to pay 200 riyals because of the tax  For a decision.

The Ministry of Affairs in Saudi Arabia has put forward a draft mechanism for the disclosure and collection of tobacco products products, which contains the license fee for the tobacco products delivery activity, and the drawing of a percentage of the total sales bill for tobacco products stores where it is collected 100% of the total sales bill and not on Tobacco products only.

Many expatriate investors in Saudi Arabia also stressed the danger of approving such a draft on the status of restaurants, cafés and the consumer who will pay a tax of 105% if he does not order any tobacco products, as soon as he attends a restaurant that serves tobacco products.

Investors added that some restaurants cost 9 million riyals and will be closed if this draft is approved within 6 months, because the investor pays salaries to employees that may number up to 100 foreign employees expatriates in Saudi territory and will be reduced in half, and this will hurt the economy as well, and will negatively affect Hiring Saudis.