Steps to renew the driving license for residents in Saudi Arabia
Steps to renew the driving license for residents in Saudi Arabia

Learn about the new conditions for renewing the driver's license, for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia, step by step through the Absher Absher .

The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has facilitated the steps and procedures for renewing the driving license in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has reduced the effort and time required to wait for the license.

The Ministry of Interior has launched the Absher program, which is responsible for everything related to traffic services, especially the renewal of the driver's license from home with ease.

In today's article on the encyclopedia will be mentioned all the necessary steps and papers required, to renew the driver's license for residents and expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

But before mentioning the steps, there are some requirements for renewal, including:
Make sure you pay all the fees for the renewal of the driver's license, as well as for all traffic violations.

The renewed license must belong to a person who is still alive.

If you do not consult any branch of the Traffic Department for the new license, only if you exceed the week of delivery, which is calculated from the day of renewal of the license on the website.

The photo should be sent to the Civil Status Office for Saudi nationals or to the Passport Authority in the case of non-Saudi residents.

The license period of up to two years is paid 80 SR, the period up to 5 years is paid 200 SR, and the period up to 10 years is paid 400 SR.

You must bring the old license when you go to receive the new license from the Traffic Department, and you will be notified via the mobile number you wrote in the electronic application form that the license is ready to receive it.

Steps to renew the driving license for residents in Saudi Arabia through the official website as follows:

You must log on to the official website of the Ministry.

Then log in to the Absher program by entering the required data such as your national ID number, password and other data.

If this is the first time you want to enter Absher, you just need to make a new registration, enter your details such as your name and ID number.

Then search for the word e-services, click on it and then a box will open where you must enter the password, and after entering click on the word renewal of the driver's license.

You will see another page containing the terms and conditions and you must read it very carefully, in addition to a number of requirements and important information, and after all that you must go to the end of the page and search for a word of confirmation and then click on it.

Another page will appear from which you must choose to renew the license, as it must have less than 6 months left to expire, and also choose the number of years of the validity of the driver's license for which you have already paid the financial fees.

Then another page will appear with all your information and the license to be renewed to make sure that all that information is correct, then you have to scroll down the page and click on the confirmation word.