Apply for new jobs for expatriates and citizens in the State of Qatar
Apply for new jobs for expatriates and citizens in the State of Qatar

Qatar .. Doha now .. Apply for new jobs for expatriates and citizens in the State of Qatar, apply now for the right job.

Qatar - Qatar offers a wide variety of employment opportunities for both nationals and expatriates, with a thriving economy and natural resources making it an attractive destination for expatriates in the MENA region and around the world.

In fact, 61% of residents in Qatar believe that the labor market in the country is one of the most attractive markets for job seekers in the MENA region.

According to Middle East Jobs Index (September 2016). Interestingly, 84% of companies in Qatar intend to recruit new employees next year.

Despite these benefits, finding a job in Qatar is never easy, so you should strive to stand out from the crowd in order to shine and attract employers' attention.

 Experts at, the Middle East's # 1 job site, offer some tips to help you find a job in this privileged country:

1. Create a professional CV

Once you have created your CV on leading online recruitment sites such as, you will start receiving calls from the best companies in Qatar.

 Make sure your resume contains keywords related to your target business. You can do a search on's career map for detailed information on the most demanding skills for various roles and professional fields in Qatar.

 Be sure to create multiple resumes to apply to different jobs. Each job role requires different skills and qualifications, and your resume must show that you can effectively complete the job vacancies.

2. Apply to online vacancies

Hundreds of new jobs are announced daily on on, where jobs are sorted by job, industry and company name.

You can also search for the best companies in Qatar and follow their pages on to find out about their vacancies, the latest news and the culture of their work. what are you waiting for? .

Get started and search for jobs on with your CV.

3. Create a public web page

It is very important to have a general web page like the pages offered by Actually.

The Personal Branding Survey in the Middle East and North Africa (September 2013) indicated that 92% of professionals say that a public page may help you get more job interviews and advance your career. Enrich your public profile by adding accurate details about your experience and career goals.

4. Expand your knowledge network

The Middle East and North Africa Employee Retention Survey found that 34.5% of professionals in the region found their previous job through their family and friends.

Communication is one of the best ways to build your personal brand and find a job in your preferred country.

 Be sure to join the leading professional platforms such as's specialization platform, and connect with professionals who share your interests.

 In fact, the decision to hire an expatriate is not an easy one for companies, so most of them resort to things other than a CV to better identify the candidate and make better employment decisions.