Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

The Saudi government has announced new vacancies for citizens and expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Three government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced this morning the availability of vacancies, and the application will begin on Sunday, 10/11/2019, both in the Directorate General of Passports and the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Armed Forces, and this announcement comes within the framework of the State's commitment to secure Employment opportunities for citizens in various sectors, whether military or civilian, in addition to the role of the private sector in providing employment opportunities for citizens, and in this article we review the most prominent details of those jobs advertised.

Validity of residence for expatriates 1441, many expatriates who reside in Saudi Arabia are looking for knowledge of the steps of renewal of residence and to know the details of it, residence is one of the most important things that must be reviewed at the outset before completion, if you wish to finish it takes a lot in the issuance of new papers and documents for renewal Many avoid this point and are quick to know everything about residency for expatriate workers, Saudi Arabia has become a lot of modern electronic services in order to make it easier for citizens unlike the previous query process took a long time and more effort. The following paragraphs with us to learn about the query for the renewal of residence.

Validity of residence for expatriates

Everything in the beginning is very easy and simple because if the expatriate inquires early on the date of renewal of residence and expiry date to be subjected to the pressures faced by the expiry because it can easily and conveniently pay through the website by entering some of the required data and payment Visa, View all the details and the value added fees for the year 1441 Hijri, and based on you things is the Ministry of Interior Passports in Saudi Arabia

Link to query the renewal of residence for expatriates in Saudi Arabia for the year 1441
A special website has been provided for citizens wishing to know everything related to residency, renewal, visa and all passport matters. The link "here" and follow the steps are correct and the results are displayed and everything you want to know in less than minutes.

How to obtain the validity of residence for expatriates
Absher site.

Visit the Absher portal of the Saudi Ministry of Interior.
Click on the E-Queries tab.
Choose to inquire about the validity of your stay.