Shocking new decision on expatriates in Kuwait
Shocking new decision on expatriates in Kuwait

aleqtisady .. Kuwait .. A shocking new decision on all expatriates in Kuwait will come into effect early next Month .

aleqtisady in Kuwait .. Newspaper, a shocking new decision on expatriates in Kuwait, will be effective from the beginning of next year 2020, and will not allow the expatriate to obtain residency without implementation.

The newspaper said: "The Ministry of Affairs and Labor of Kuwait obliged all expatriates in the country to pay an annual fee for health insurance, worth $ 450, compared to 165 currently, an increase of 173%, a prerequisite for the granting of residency."

She added: "The government agencies and institutions will be obliged to pay fees to their employees, while the sponsor (Kuwaiti employer), will be free to pay health insurance fees for expatriates working for him."

The newspaper pointed out that "the expatriate currently bears, whether working in the private sector or the public, to pay the fees prescribed for his family and not the employer, and is scheduled to start work in the new system starting in January 2020."

Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed pointed out that "Health Insurance Hospitals Company will launch its health centers, which will receive arrivals by the beginning of next year, where it is expected to open about seven centers in the six governorates of Kuwait."

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has increased the fees for health services to expatriates more than once during the past few years, where some increases amounted to 500%, justifying this by providing additional resources for its budget and improving the quality of services provided.

Safaa al-Hashem, a member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, has been campaigning against foreigners, especially those of Egyptian nationality, calling for their removal from the country.

The "Hashem", said in a previous session of the National Assembly: The foreign expatriate in Kuwait gets health services free of charge and simple costs not obtained by the Kuwaiti, and demanded at the time to double fees on them.