Expatriate residence visa renewal prices, visit fees, exit and return fees
Expatriate residence visa renewal prices, visit fees, exit and return fees

For you, through our economic website, we offer you a comprehensive report that explains all the different fees required for renewing residency, exit and return visas, issuing an exit and return visa, and obtaining a family visit visa. We will also explain through the article all the fees required for the current year 2020


We will provide you with the value owed for renewing the exit and return visa, as received through the Qatari Ministry of Interior website, so that the residence renewal fee for workers at the beginning of the current year 2020 is estimated to be 1000 riyals annually, and people who have valid residency and stay outside the country for a period ranging from 4 to 6 months And they have prior approval to return.

The fees due are as follows.

Paying 500 riyals annually for each companion

Paying 300 riyals annually to renew the residence of farm workers and fishing workers

The Ministry also clarified the value required for obtaining a family visit visa and for the family and children who have a separate residence working for companies, institutions and commercial shops.


The residency of the expatriate in the state shall be renewed in accordance with the conditions specified by this law, its executive regulations, and the decisions implementing it.


Fee for adding newborns to newcomers, estimated at 100 riyals
Fee for changing the nationality of expatriates, and it is 50 riyals
Fee for obtaining a lost or damaged card for the expatriate, and is estimated at 200 riyals
Fees for obtaining a personal ID for the expatriate, and specifying the length of stay, estimated at 50 riyals
Fees for issuing or renewing a delegate card, which is 100 riyals
Fees for obtaining a license and other residences, which are estimated at 100 riyals
Fees for extending visas according to the conditions presented and are estimated at 200 riyals + 50 for each companion, taking into consideration the approval to bring relatives to reside (father, mother, sister) and is estimated at 500 riyals

It is not permissible for any expatriate allowed to reside to stay outside the country continuously for a period of more than six months, unless he had obtained a permit before returning or a year ago to return from the competent authorities, after paying the prescribed fees, provided that no more than one year had passed since The end of his residence. Sixty days.

On the other hand, the Qatar Central Bank announced a statement stating that the percentage of bank transfers made by expatriates increased by 3% in the previous year in the amount of 21.75 billion riyals, while incoming bank transfers were recorded at 33 billion riyals.