Lebanese Maronite Forces leader Samir Geagea

After the large demonstrations in Lebanon against the Lebanese government and their demands to resign because of the economic situation in Lebanon in recent times.

Lebanese Maronite Forces leader Samir Geagea called today on the necessity of members of a party in the Lebanese government to resign from the government and form a new government in Lebanon.

These demands from the leader of the Lebanese Forces Party will certainly put the government in Lebanon under considerable pressure, with ongoing demonstrations in Lebanon throughout the country.

These large demonstrations in Lebanon are due to the economic crisis in the country, as well as the declining living of the Lebanese people.

Samir Geagea pointed out that the current government in Lebanon has failed to deal with the current situation in the country, and non-leaders to deal well with the current economic crisis.

Geagea, head of the Lebanese Maronite Forces, said during a press conference held today that government officials should deal well with economic crises.

Geagea pointed to the lack of confidence with the current government in Lebanon, with anger on the streets of the Lebanese people on the third day of protests and demonstrations calling for confronting the corruption of the government in Lebanon.