The Ministry of Labor talks about expatriates in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government approved the duties and rights of labor from citizens and expatriates in establishments during the night.

The Saudi Labor Ministry spokesman, Khalid Abul Khail, said that Saudi Labor Minister Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi announced this decision, as the term “night worker” specifically refers to anyone who requires at least three hours of work.

During the night work period specified in the Ministerial Decision, the employer shall be obliged to the night worker to provide health services, and the night worker shall have the right to submit a medical report to the establishment where he works, to clarify the suitability of the night work or not.

 The spokesman continued, but in the case of inadequate health, for night work is transferred to work in the usual period, similar working hours, explaining that the decision included a number of cases that the establishment must avoid from periods of night work.

 Of these cases pregnant for a minimum period of 24 weeks, before giving birth, this case is prohibited for night work, and appropriate work must be provided in normal working hours.