Saudi Arabia exempts a section of foreign workers from fees 5 years

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exempts some expatriates from all the fees due to them for a period of five years can be increased.

Saudi Arabia has exempted foreign workers in the industrial sector, one of the main sectors targeted for development, from duties for five years, according to a statement issued by the Saudi Council of Ministers today.

Hence the statement said: “The Council of Ministers decided that the State shall bear, for a period of five years, the financial compensation for expatriate workers… for industrial establishments licensed under an industrial license, effective October 1, 2019”.

Saudi Arabia exempts foreign workers in the industrial sector from all fees
In an effort to create jobs, the government has imposed fees on hiring foreigners to encourage the hiring of Saudi nationals, and companies say the fees dramatically increase operating costs.

In February, King Salman approved a program to compensate some companies that had difficulty paying the increasing fees for foreign work permits in 2017 and 2018 and to overlook the fee increases for some unable to pay.

According to the program, only companies with more than or equal number of Saudi employees are eligible.

The industrial sector is vital in Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's effort to diversify the world's largest oil exporter and create millions of jobs for Saudi youth.