King Solomon
King Solomon

At the end of the session held by King Sal man bin Abdul Al Saudi at the Peace Palace in Edda, the Saudi Cabinet announced the approval of a number of important decisions, the most prominent of which is the state bearing the costs of material compensation for expatriates, and the Council also announced its approval of the system of professional companies to support the local economy and advance the wheel Forward development.

The cabinet decision came on a number of arrangements that include approving the establishment and management of parking lots in a number of places determined by a supervisory committee for privatization and with the assistance of the municipal sector in the city of Riyadh within the first stage (as an experiment).

The Council also clarified in the initiative of the joint investment of the company’s land sector and its solidarity with the private sector according to the common model in collecting revenues. The company will soon introduce 5 partnership projects between the public and private sectors and will distribute projects in the Markka region and the city and the eastern region in an experimental manner on unused lands Safe owned.

The project to construct and manage parking lots was approved in partnership with the private sector.

The Council of Ministers decided that the state bears - for a period of 5 years - the financial compensation prescribed for expatriate workers, in accordance with paragraphs (1-a) and (2-a) of item (second) of Cabinet Resolution No. (197) and the date of Ra bi` AL-Seawall 23 for the year 1438 AH , For industrial establishments licensed under an industrial license, as of October 1, 2019.

The council also announced its approval of the general strategy for the development of national tourism.

It is worth noting that the Council of Ministers decided, in the authorization to negotiate with a group of Emirate investors regarding the establishment of projects and memorandum of understanding in 7 areas, including the cultural field, health fields, insurance, communication and information technology, news exchange, and space activities for peaceful purposes, and in Cyber security field.

The council also announced the promotion of Found bin Haled bin Abdulaziz Al-Mulhim to the position of (Under Secretary for Reconstruction and Projects) at the fourteenth rank in the Municipality of Al-Ahsa Governor ate.

Among the most important decisions announced by the Council are the appointment of Fahd bin Hassan Al Aquarian, and two members bin Muhammad Al-Mari, as two members of opinion and experience in the Board of Directors of the Saudi News Agency, and the appointment of Sal man bin Yourself Al-Dos sari and Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Earthy, as two members of opinion and experience in the Council Radio and Television Administration.