the king Salman
the king Salman

King Salman’s decision is one of the decisive and wise decisions regarding transferring the guaranty from one guarantor to another. In principle, it gives the business owner an opportunity to find the right skills to drive the wheel of production to the maximum, and it gives an opportunity for professionals to move between one sponsor to another to help in work cycles and move up to the level Best.

The Council of Ministers announced through its session held today at the headquarters of its presidency, which was chaired by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Sal man bin Abdulaziz on the authority of His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Sal man, Minister of Defense, Prince Abdulaziz bin Saudi, Minister of Interior, and Minister of National Guard Prince Abdul bin Bandanna As King Sal man announced his approval of the decision to transfer the sponsorship that was previously offered and focuses on how to transfer the guarantee from one sponsor to another and is under the framework of guaranteed employment for people with disabilities.As a result, the employer has to bear the costs and fees resulting from transferring the guarantee.

The Cabinet also clarified that the clause mentioned in the phrase "and not allow them to transfer the guarantee of any of them to others" has been deleted from the previous decision No. (229) for the year 1431 AH.


On the other hand, the decision is recorded after the amendment of the text mentioned in it is permissible to transfer the sponsorship, which is as follows: “It is permissible to transfer the sponsorship of any of them to others in accordance with the established procedures.


 If the transfer is to an employer or a new profession without a needy person with disabilities, he must adhere to the conditions that must be met along with the recruitment conditions approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. "It is reported that the Cabinet had previously shed light on the decision to authorize the transfer of sponsorship to others, and it stipulated that the state should bear the costs and fees resulting from transferring the sponsorship to people with disabilities and those in need.