Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Labor reveals that employees older than 35 years are banned from working in the private sector.

After the recent spread of news about the prevention of employees over the age of 35 years from working in the jobs of the Saudi private sector, amid a wave of outrage by a number of rejection of this decision, but no official response from the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia.

In the first response from the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Labor denied through the spokesperson for the ministry the news that has been circulated recently of the progress of employees older than 35 years of work in the private sector.

"There is no truth to what is being circulated about preventing those older than 35 years from applying for a job in the private sector," wrote the Saudi Labor Ministry spokesman.

On the other hand, a number of followers for the Saudi Ministry of Labor on the social networking site "Twitter" that the reality of the labor market is completely different, pointing to the chaos and the accumulation of employees, and the work of foreigners in Saudi jobs.

One woman said that women clashed with harsh conditions in the labor market, despite the recent big opening.