Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al - Ahmad Al - Jaber Al - Sabah

There has been an urgent news about the deportation of some expatriates in Kuwait and subjecting them to the electronic fingerprint.

In a related context, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior issued strict instructions that the deportation prison without other Kuwaiti security departments, deporting expatriates to their home countries, after subjecting them to electronic fingerprint before leaving, in order to prevent them from re-entering Kuwait.

A security source at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said in a press statement today that the electronic fingerprint is available only in the deportation prison, and not available in the General Directorate of Residency Investigation Affairs, which handles deportation of expatriates. As well as the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence, and will reveal the truth of any deportee trying to enter Kuwait again in any way whatsoever.

The source added that some of the deportees were able to enter Kuwait again by changing their names and issuing new passports to them, which was discovered when carrying out procedures for obtaining residence, by fingerprinting them in criminal evidence, despite entering Kuwait without discovering their order; This is because they were not subjected to the electronic fingerprint when they were deported, pointing out that they were caught and deported to their homelands again.

For his part, the security source added that the deportation of all arrivals from the deportation prison, will ensure the availability of a single statistic of deportees outside Kuwait, graduated from one department and not several departments.