Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi
Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development proposes new amendments to the Labor Law to amend labor regulations and rules

According to what changed into posted in one of the Emirate information businesses, what become introduced with the aid of using the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajah, approximately imposing a few amendments to the exertions regulation to govern hard work policies national in implementation of the provisions of Article a hundred and twenty pronouncing the relevant exertions guidelines, as decided The new policies for organizing day by day paintings according with occupations and the regulations for his or her paintings at some stage in the day on the subject of their employment.

Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajah additionally clarified what is supposed via way of means of the improvements with inside the paintings policies and guidelines as follows:

First: Labor law controls.

1) Determine the wide variety of operating hours subsequent to the length designated with inside the settlement concluded among the employee and the agency, supplied that he's obliged to lessen the quantity of running hours to 1/2 of, whether or not with the aid of using day by day or weekly wages.

2) The organization and the employee can also additionally renew the agreement among them for a in addition length or for the agreed length simplest.

three) In the occasion that the agreement is canceled earlier than the required length with the aid of using one of the events with out a motive: The different celebration has the proper to assert its economic rights for the last duration as reimbursement.

four) Compliance of migrant employees with the hard work regulation, provisions, and guidelines in regards to the timing of holidays, vacations, weekly relaxation, and further paintings.

five) Labor with Saudi nationality has contracts registered with the Public Institution for Social Security.

Second: Flexible paintings employer regulations and price lists.

1) What is supposed via way of means of bendy paintings is every day paintings that isn't constant, and the hourly wages are calculated as meant with inside the exertions markets, however best at the circumstance that the hours of labor lower with the aid of using 1/2 of, as referred to formerly.

2) Restrict bendy paintings to employment contracts for holders of Saudi nationality most effective.

three) Determine the share of people with inside the bendy machine, in keeping with sectors thru the ministry and the digital portal.

four) The enterprise isn't always obligated to compensate the employee with the bendy paintings device for paid holidays: inclusive of annual holidays, anniversaries, unwell go away, and so on.

five) Employers aren't obligated to pay the give up of provider blessings to the worker in a bendy gadget.

6) A bendy gadget employee isn't always challenge to an test length.

7) The employee's agreement is problem to the bendy machine of pension and social protection guidelines, thinking of precise regulations and situations.

eight) Calculation of the worker through the bendy machine with the aid of using one 1/3 of the worker with inside the Democratization chances, furnished that the quantity of labor hours and their general is 168 hours, deliberating the selections issued through the Nita application.

nine) Paying their wages on a month-to-month foundation, furnished that the hourly wages are calculated through settlement among the 2 events.

10) Limiting the operating hours of the employee to the bendy paintings gadget, supplied that they do now no longer exceed ninety five hours consistent with month.

eleven) A employee with a bendy paintings machine has the proper to approve or reject at his request to paintings at any time with out taking any motion in opposition to him.

12) The  events are problem to the provisions of Law eighty three of the Labor Law concerning non-opposition of the organization after the cease of the hard work dating for the worker with the bendy paintings gadget.

thirteen) The bendy employment agreement is extracted electronically, with constant period and hourly wages, and the operating hours can be changed after the settlement among the 2 events.

14) Document the settlement with inside the digital portal, and it isn't always permissible to rent people from the bendy paintings device with out a notarized settlement, and the enterprise has violated the regulation contained with inside the Ministerial Resolution issued in 1440 AH.

15) Accreditation of carrier companies to employees operating with the bendy device with inside the digital portal this is decided via way of means of the Ministry of Human Resources.