The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced today the introduction of new amendments related to the table of violations and the corresponding penalties after making some amendments and additions to keep pace with the changes in the executive regulations of the labor law.

The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia has announced the adoption of the table of violations showing the amount of fines and the period of closure of the establishment for each violation, in an effort to regulate the Saudi labor market in line with the changes and successive developments witnessed by the market.

The new decision, which comes from the Ministry of Labor, aims to raise the level of establishments in Saudi Arabia to achieve competitiveness and commitment.

The new resolution also included the establishment of the accreditation center and authorizes the imposition of the penalties listed in the table in the same resolution and in accordance with the Executive Regulations of the Labor Law.

According to the new decision, they can challenge the decision issued to inflict the punishment for the violation committed by the competent authority that is formed at the ministry within 30 days from the date of notification of the decision.