Saudi Ministry of Labor excluded from expatriate labor fees

The Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announces categories of expatriates who will remain in Saudi Arabia.

It was acknowledged by the Saudi Council of Ministers on the fees of expatriates in Saudi Arabia at the meeting held and chaired by King Salman bin Abdul Aziz that the state will pay the financial fees that have been approved on these categories.

Categories of expatriates who will remain and the duration of the fee:

This will be for a period of 5 years and the fee approved in the industrial establishments that have been licensed through an industrial license and will start from the first of October.

Categories excluded from Expatriate Fees: -

Those categories of expatriates in Saudi Arabia that have been exempted from fees related to the remuneration of expatriate workers include the husband of citizenship as well as the wife of the citizen and also the sons of the citizen who are from a non-Saudi father.

Financial Balance Program:

As well as nationalities exempted from deportation and facilities that are very small and where the employment ranges from one to five workers and employment for companies and offices for recruitment from the categories that were exempted.

The application of fees for expatriate workers comes within the framework of the financial balance program.