The Saudi Ministry of Labor to expatriate

Good news from the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia for this category of expatriate workers in return for a period of five years.

The sources from the Ministry of Labor confirmed that the expatriate workers who work in the establishments that have an industrial license from the expatriate workers for a period of 5 years. This comes with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources coordinating with the Ministries of Finance, Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia.

The decision was released to expatriates as part of the ministry's program to stimulate the private sector.

A committee headed by the Saudi Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, and high-level representatives from the ministries of energy and water, will be formed to study the fixing of prices of energy, electricity and hydrocarbon blends in industrial facilities licensed under an industrial license, the ministry said.

She pointed out that the energy prices for factories with energy-intensive consumption to achieve the desired goals until 2030.

She also stressed that other parties will be obliged to coordinate with the Ministry of Energy in the Kingdom, in the event of any action or decision reflected in raising costs on the licensed factories, and fined the licensed industrial facilities, and the closure of industrial facilities, and the closure of the production lines of those factories.