UAE Government in an urgent meeting today

Some fraudsters have created a site similar to the official website by searching for their personal data and money for papers and visas.

The director of Dunes International School warned applicants to be wary of these scammers. "I pray that no one will lose his hard earned money.

In a related context, some fraudsters demonstrated as representatives and staff at Dunes International School and announced fake jobs on behalf of the school. The email IDs used by scammers are and

In that regard, he thanked all applicants who had contacted the school to verify the validity of the letters of presentation they had received.

At the same time, the Indian Embassy urged all citizens to report such matters and assist in the arrest of these perpetrators and asked Indian nationals residing in the UAE, India and abroad, if these deceptive elements contacted them to inform the authorities about Alfo and should never share their personal data. With these deceptive elements.