The logo of the Saudi Tour Company
The logo of the Saudi Tour Company

The tour company published a tour company, expressing its need for a new job to join the company under the title of a career in information technology specialist, and the new employee is scheduled to join the company’s branch in one of the company's branches in Mecca or Medina.

Tour Company is one of the oldest tourism companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it has tourism offices in a large number of Arab countries.

Conditions for submission: -

Conditions for applying for a job as an IT specialist for a tour company for tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  1. Bachelor's degree in computer science
  2. The applicant's ability to analyze and solve problems
  3. To possess the skill of working under pressure and application resources
  4. Proficiency in the applicant's English and Arabic languages
  5. Fluent in working with the office program

Job assignments for the job of information technology specialist at Tour Company for Tourism in Saudi Arabia

  1. Responsible for maintenance of infrastructure components
  2. Improved internal automation tools
  3. Assist in identifying and resolving problems reported by the team and enhancing the company's online presence.

You can apply now for the Tour company function on the company's official page on the LinkedIn site for employment, according to the company announced on its page.