Traffic in Saudi Arabia

The first woman to be appointed as a crash inspector in the capital Riyadh.

As part of Saudi traffic management directives, Riyadh Traffic today announced the start of its first traffic collision inspector at its new job at Najm Insurance Services recently, working as part of an intensive team of inspectors in Najm, extending the role of women beyond women's universities.

Starting on Tuesday, 27 August 2019, the inspector was appointed to traffic collisions on major roads in Riyadh, including the Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road and other areas around King Khalid International Airport.

On her first day, she successfully watched three incidents during her first day at work.

The move underscores Najm's commitment to empowering women and provides them with opportunities to work within their workforce in roles related to the management and monitoring of traffic accidents, said Mohammed al-Sulaiman, executive director of the organization.

Suleiman said the appointment also highlighted Najm's confidence in her employees, whom he described as highly qualified.

Najm remained dedicated to women's empowerment in line with Saudi Vision 2030, which stipulates the key role that women play in the economic and social advancement of the Kingdom.

Najm Insurance Services has empowered women to work as accident inspectors and has developed a set of requirements including language proficiency, clear criminal records, and flexibility to work during night or night shifts.

In 2018, Najm completed an intensive training program for a first group of inspectors, who will take on roles including examining traffic crashes, writing reports and checking the documents of the parties involved.