Weather in UAE

The National Meteorological Center (NMC) predicted that the weather on Saturday will be partly cloudy to cloudy in general.The clouds will appear on different parts of the country that are cumulatively rainy, especially on the coasts, islands and eastern and northern regions, and the winds are moderate to active speed, especially with clouds being dusty.

The center said in its daily bulletin that the wind movement will be southeasterly - northeasterly / 20-35 km / h, sometimes up to 45 km / h, especially with cloud activity.

The Arabian Gulf will be the average wave during the clouds activity, the first tide will occur at 11:44 and the second at 23:31 and the first islands at 17:44 and the second at 05:19.

The Sea of ​​Oman will have an average wave of turbulence during cloud activity, with the first tide at 20:27 and the second at 07:57.

The first islands at 14:12 and the second at 12:02.

Temperature and humidity are expected to be as follows:

City Great Heat Minor Humidity Great Minimum Humidity

Abu Dhabi 33 23 80 20
Dubai 33 22 75 15
Sharjah 32 19 80 20
Ajman 31 22 70 15
Umm Al Quwain
Ras Al Khaimah
Fujairah 30 23 55 25
Al Ain
Liwa 33 20 90 25
Commodities 32 24 75 25
Dalma 31 25 70 50
Greater Tunb
Lesser Tunb
Abu Musa