Weather and temperatures in Saudi Arabia
Weather and temperatures in Saudi Arabia

Weather expert and weather analysis, reveals the reality of the eastern exposure to the "tsunami", and the weather in Saudi Arabia in the coming days.

The weather analyst and expert in the state of the whale state in the Kingdom Abdulrahman bin Raja, that the rain and a wave of cold that swept the Batin, which occurred a few days ago, are considered historical cases as a result of increased levels of tropical air humidity in all layers of the atmosphere; He wrote a tweet so several days before the case began.

Hence reveals the reality of the rumors of the exposure of the eastern Saudi coast to waves of hurricanes and tsunami, saying it is unexpected, where the dialogue deals with a number of important axes, to the details.

Question about the impact of the current debate between weather experts and the General Authority for Meteorology, and the protection of the environment in the delivery of accurate information on the weather for citizens? .

Haqiqi said he sometimes affects a segment of society, but most segments of the population are followers of analysts and weather experts, who are knowledgeable and confident in some weather experts on social media, as well as in meteorology.

Weather and temperatures in Saudi Arabia

Asked about the fact that it had been exposed Hafr Al-Batin days to heavy rain, and the fall of cold with large grains, described by weather experts as "historical", what are the causes? .

He said yes is considered a historical case as a result of the increase in tropical atmospheric humidity in all layers of the atmosphere, and the presence of cold atmospheric low pressure values ​​at this time of the year a severe rainy situation occurred, and wrote a tweet alert to this several days before the situation.

Asked whether the east coast of Saudi Arabia is prone to hurricanes and tsunamis coming as it is reported? .

He replied that he did not expect that, and these are only expectations and inaccurate readings.

What is the expected weather and rainfall in the coming period?

He said, God willing, we will enter into a fertile period from the sixth day of November, a humid orbital mass with southeasterly winds of all layers of air loaded with humidity, formed an ideal air system because of the formation of two tropical conditions in the Arabian Sea.

The extension of the Siberian cold arm, an eastern air altitude pushing wet winds to the Red Sea low and Sudan's thermal low, and God willing, it is expected to form an important and strong rainy condition on the western sector, Hail, Medina, Tabuk, and parts of the north extending to the west and north of the central region between the period Eighth and fifteenth of November.

As for the question of whether the atmosphere of Saudi Arabia this year will see heavy rains and cold as happened last year ?.

Individual weather conditions have their own characteristics, and last year is different, and the weather analyst must understand all elements of the weather .. The probability of rising in periods sometimes to form weather conditions during the coming periods of autumn to spring.

Asked who is saying that over the next 15 years, due to severe weather changes, the regions of the Arabian Peninsula and Saudi Arabia will be exposed to heavy rains and floods will lead to floods, what is the truth? .

He replied that atmospheric changes have already occurred as a result of the extreme warming of the surrounding seas, such as the Arabian Sea, the Indian Sea, and the Red Sea, and increased atmospheric humidity, as we note in early November that we will witness two tropical cases in the Arabian Sea at the same time.

Increasing the extremism of cases in the next few years is therefore not ruled out; for a fifteen-year sentence without detailed scientific evidence, this would be a fantasy.

Asked about your comment on the frequent weather analysts and the conflicting opinions and expectations? .

It's not good; social media accounts of people who don't know, understand, and experience weather and weather analysis have emerged; this is not a detriment; but they must respect people's minds and the dangers of their bulletins are incorrect.