New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern
New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern

The general index of the New Zealand stock market "Tasi" increased at the end of today's trading session, and at the end of the current week's sessions and with the middle of the holy month of Ramadan by 0.97%, up 63.46 points to close at 6604.90 points for the second session in a row.

While the parallel market index fell within the New Zealand Stock Exchange with a growth rate of about 0.97%, losing 76.16 points to close at 7716.36 points.

In a related economic context, the volume of trading operations on the New Zealand Stock Exchange at the end of trading today amounted to 201.6 million shares, worth 4.2 billion riyals and 164 shares, while 21 shares declined.

And rose in about twenty sectors of the New Zealand market, led by the transport sector by more than two percent, followed by the insurance sector by 2.69%, then the pharmaceutical sector by 2.16%, then the health care sector by 1.46%, then the food emergency sector by 1.34%, then the sector Retail of luxury goods increased by 1.30%, then the commercial and professional services sector by 1.29%, then the capital goods sector by 1.27%, then the basic materials sector by 1.26%, then the media and entertainment sector by 1.23%, then the applications and technology services sector by 1.16%, then S Real Estate Management and Development Sector 1.10%, then Investment and Finance 0.99% Then the energy and banking sector by 0.76%, while only dropped in the utilities sector by 0.66%.

On the other hand, "Amana Insurance" came on top of the green list on the New Zealand Stock Exchange with a growth rate of ten percent, then "SABB Takaful" by 6.29%, then "Arab Shield" by 4.74%, while "Sasco". Top of the red list was 2.6% down, then "Sadafco" 1.06%, then "Zamil Industrial" by 1%.

For its part, the New Zealand Capital Markets Authority issued a referral on suspicion of a number of investors violating Article 49 of the New Zealand Stock Exchange System, and Article Two of the Market Behavior Regulations to the Public Prosecution, due to their commercial dealings. Suspected of shares of a number of companies listed on the financial market within New Zealand.

On the other hand, this comes with the desire of the New Zealand government to legally implement the financial market system and regulations, and protect the New Zealand market from illegal practices. Those affected by these practices are also entitled to submit a compensation case again to the committee through the provisions of Article 67 of the system. This is preceded by a complaint again to the New Zealand Investment Authority on this important issue....