Android 10 for samsung galaxy s10 phone

Samsung has announced the release of the new operating system Android 10 beta to its new phones galaxy s10.

The company confirmed that the new operating system will be released pilots of it on galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 5G phones.

This update has been announced in advance to users in the number of countries, most notably the South Korean state, for the android 10 update test for the above-mentioned phones.

Samsung also revealed a number of information about the update for android 10 operating system, which is scheduled to be implemented on all phones.

The new operating system update has ensured improved notification manager by adding a number of very simple and small pop-ups.

This feature will be useful while making phone calls and also while playing on the phone and playing videos where the size of the call window will be reduced.

The new update also includes the ability to dim the phone's screen and significantly control color adjustment, text size, notifications, watch, and lock screen.

The new android 10 update has the feature of temporarily blocking applications within a period of time that you select to avoid distractions

The user control feature has also been announced to make it easier and simpler to control your phone settings.

You will be able to use android 10 for users of the Samsung galaxy s10 series via the samsung members app for the trial version.