An important decision for car owners and drivers in South Africa
An important decision for car owners and drivers in South Africa

The African Cooperation Committee of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, chaired by Dr. Sharif El Gabali, field visit for the second day in a row in South Africa.

The delegation visited today the South African Automotive Industry Development Center - Pretoria.

During the visit, the director of the center showed a documentary film about the industrial zone of the automotive industry. 60% domestic product, in 2025.

The center is one of the model centers in developing countries where it trains workers and engineers to join them in the car companies operating in the industrial zone.

 International automotive companies are also supporting the center with the latest technological equipment for its development and sustainability.

The African side also explained that the State's plan to develop the industrial zone consisted of five phases, two phases have been completed and the remaining three phases to complete the transformation of the zone into an industrial, recreational and residential area.

At the end of the tour, the African side offered the Egyptian delegation to visit Egypt and sign a partnership memorandum between the Center and the Federation of Egyptian Industries in the field of automotive industry.