Egypt is considering a new pricing for factory fuel

The Egyptian government is currently trying under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the head of the Egyptian national economic recovery, especially that the international economic institutions confirm the rise of the national economy under the Egyptian president.

The Egyptian government bears a lot of subsidies on energy, which costs the government a lot, so the Egyptian government worked in the past period to liberalize fuel prices in Egypt and stay on subsidies for each Egyptian people and obligate fuel prices in Egypt to liberalize the foreign exchange market.

Egyptian Business Minister Hisham Tawfik said that the Egyptian government is currently studying energy pricing for all factories or industrial sectors in Egypt every six months.

Hisham Tawfiq said in Haditha today that "fuel subsidies in the current period in Egypt is no longer acceptable by the government in order to promote the Egyptian economy."

Tawfiq revealed to Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper a few days ago: "The Egyptian prime minister has formed a committee two weeks ago to study the pricing of energy in Egypt, all its derivatives, whether natural gas or electricity in Egypt, especially for the industrial sector every six months with the membership of the ministers concerned."

On the other hand, the Egyptian government has started reviewing fuel prices at the Egyptian local level every three months in the light of international prices, as part of measures to reduce subsidies at the level of the Egyptian citizen in order to support the International Monetary Fund. Students based on international agreements between the Egyptian government and the International Monetary Fund.

On the other hand, the Egyptian government revealed in early October to reduce fuel prices of various types in the Egyptian market at the local level, up to twenty five piasters per liter price at the local level in Egypt.