The insured is given 100% of the pension when working for 35 years
The insured is given 100% of the pension when working for 35 years

aleqtisady - UAE promulgates the new labor law, which gives workers 100% of their basic salary, as well as pensioners .

aleqtisady .. The General Authority for Pensions and Social Insurance confirmed that the Federal Pension Law gives the insured a maximum pension of 100% of the pension account.

This is when you continue to work for 35 years, a feature of the federal pension law that is rarely available in any other pension funds around the world.

The General Authority for Pensions and Social Security has reported that the person determines the benefits and that each year after 20 years.

It gives the employee an additional 2% to 35 years and gets 100%. The average of the last 3 years in government work and 5 years in the private sector is calculated.

Hanan al-Sahlawi, executive director of the pension sector, said that the pension increases as the insured's years of service increase, from 60% over 15 years to 70% over 20 years.

The insured is given 100% of the pension when working for 35 years

The pension automatically increases by 2% for each additional year spent by the insured at work so that if he spends 25 years his pension increases to 80% of the pension account, to 90% at 30 years of service and then to 100% at 35 years of service.

Al-Sahlawi also said that the Authority will raise awareness of its laws within the campaign of "more years of service benefits more insurance", pointing out that the benefits include pension and end-of-service benefits, in addition, the insured is granted a reward of 3 months of the pension account at each year He spends 35 years.

For example, if the insured has spent 38 years in the service and his pension account is 60,000, he shall be granted in addition to his pension (180,000) dirhams for each of his three years after 35 years, that is, the total bonus in addition to the pension for three years becomes AED 540,000

Al-Sahlawi explained that the salary of the subscription account in the Commission represents the most important elements of the salary.

Thus, when the insured retires, these elements remain the main component of his pension upon retirement, and accordingly his pension remains high and close to the salary he was paid on the job.However, this depends on a major condition which is to increase the length of his service to the maximum pension.

Al-Sahlawi said that the insurance benefits of the insured rise with increasing years of service in the light of the possibility of increasing the salary in the future as a result of promotions and thus increase the salary of the insured subscription account, according to which the insurance dues are settled, as the higher the salary ceiling, the insurance benefits improved proactively.

Hanan al-Sahlawi also stressed that the aim of the campaign is to encourage the insured to continue working for longer periods in order to obtain the benefits recognized by the pension law when the number of years of service increases steadily.

Al-Sahlawi called on all the categories covered to follow up the campaign through various audio-visual and print media, and follow-up to the social media channels of the Authority to benefit and learn about all the developments of this campaign and others.

Through the diversification of the campaign tools, the TRA seeks to reach all target groups through media that are appropriate for each category to ensure that the campaign achieves its objectives.