This morning, many Australian people wake up to urgent news, after the outbreak of the new Coruna virus, Australia, and the killing of many people, the streets of Australia were hit by a strange case of the death of the rainbow lorket, after suffering from fatigue and then paralysis.

In the same context, Daryl Jones from Griffith University revealed to the newspaper "Daily Mail Australia", that the disease is similar in its spread to the emergence of the emerging coronavirus through communication between people in society.

In this regard, Daryl Jones of Griffith University added to the newspaper, "Daily Mail Australia": "These birds are unreasonably fighting each other, biting each other, breathing in the face of each other, and thus the virus is spreading."

"It is very similar to the Corona virus itself, it is a completely new virus and we don't know much about it, and it appears to be spreading as birds gather in large numbers," Daryl Jones of Griffith University told the Daily Mail Australia.

The disease progresses slowly in the bird's body until the latter becomes paralyzed, his lungs swell and suffocate. The disease begins to spread from the foot, so the bird loses its balance on landing, falls, and spends within an hour.

The virus has spread to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and the disease was first detected in three years.

Veterinarians tried to study the source of the disease's spread. Professor Daryl Jones of Griffith University told the Daily Mail Australia: "Veterinarians have researched the diet and it is strange that the African tulip tree may be responsible for the spread of the disease."

For their safety, the expert advised against feeding the birds for a period of time.

Activists have previously shared some social media images of the death of sixty birds from space to Earth on Australian soil.

The thing that sparked suspicion in some people’s minds about the relationship of the new virus to the fall of birds from the sky to the ground, or the discovery of a new way to transmit the virus from birds and animals to humans, and the pictures showed the shape of birds falling from the sky after successive cries while blood was flowing from them as they sheared their throats With a sharp knife before you die within minutes.

Sarah King, the Casper Rescue Foundation, commented on the incident, saying, "The birds were not able to fly, were lying on the ground, wailing from pain, and some birds bleeding from their mouth."

"Only two or three really died. The rest were screaming on the ground. They could no longer fly, they were bleeding from their mouths ... What we were seeing was something of a horror movie," she added.

It also added that the type of poison used was a "horrific and slow death" that took several weeks to kill and was unnecessarily cruel.

Rescuers described the scene as a "horror movie", as blood was falling from their eyes and beaks, 58 of them died, and the two were transferred to a veterinarian.

It was reported that the birds were of the type "Corel" in southern Australia last Wednesday, and fell from the trees and the sky and blood was flowing from their noses and beaks, according to the British "Mirror".

Veterinarians in the area are still investigating and examining dead birds to determine the type of poison used, thus helping the authorities reach the perpetrator.

The state's Ministry of Environment and Water also commented that the cause of bird death has not been established.

In another context, Australia announced that it recorded its lowest increase in new cases of coronavirus in more than 3 weeks.

In this context, Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt spoke that 96 new cases have been recorded, the first time that fewer than 100 new cases have been recorded since March 17.

The peak of the new coronavirus infection was in Australia on March 28, when 457 new cases were registered, according to the Associated Press.

Thus, the number of HIV infections in Australia since the "Covid-19" epidemic has increased, to a total of 6010 cases, and 51 deaths.

And Australia's chief medical officer, Brendan Murphy, had said earlier that the public health isolation measures that had been applied in the country had given time to fight the virus.

He added that it must now determine its next course after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned of irreversible economic damage.

Australia has experienced a sharp drop in the incidence of new infections in Corona in recent days after the application of strict social divergence measures, despite the authorities' concern over the increase in cases of unknown source.

But the economic damage is significant, as the central bank governor warned on Tuesday of "a very large economic downturn" expected in the quarter ending in June in addition to an increase in the unemployment rate, according to Reuters.

In an effort to reduce the impact on the economy on the country due to the Covid-19 epidemic, parliamentarians approved, on Wednesday evening, a plan to support wages worth eighty-one billion dollars.