New Zealand announces this that it has not happened for 30 years and has taken new steps
New Zealand announces this that it has not happened for 30 years and has taken new steps

Because of what the global economy is now directing, New Zealand's economy has experienced the largest drop in domestic production in 30 years, which is joining forces with the nation's efforts to advance the economy.

New Zealand recorded the largest decline in GDP in 29 years, due to the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic.

According to New Zealand's official statistics agency, gross domestic product fell 1.6% in the first three months of this year.

The chief of the authority, Paul Pascoe, said on Thursday that the results showed a significant decline in economic activity with the continued travel restrictions and the country moving towards closure.

He added that this was the biggest quarterly decline since a 2.4% drop in March 1991, and the first quarterly decrease since December 2010.

The health closure saw all non-essential businesses stop on March 24, leaving many parts of the economy unable to operate normally.

On the other hand, New Zealand intends to ease measures aimed at preventing the spread of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), while continuing to close the country's borders.

On Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the government's intention to gradually ease its closure procedures from next Thursday, which would mean the reopening of most economic and public facilities.

Ardern said that everyone will have to take care of his personal safety from the possibility of infection.

She added that schools will be opened from May 18, noting that "we may have won some battles (against Corona), but we have not won the war yet."

Meanwhile, New Zealand intends to keep restrictions on private gatherings so that the number of participants in any home gathering, funeral or wedding ceremony does not exceed 10.

While the number of participants in any other social events, whether in the open air or in the closed places, will not exceed 100 persons.