South African Karoo struggles through worst drought in 100 years
South African Karoo struggles through worst drought in 100 years

South Africa is experiencing the most severe drought in more than a century, according to several government data released Tuesday

The drought in South Africa is still at its worst, devastating pastures and farms and leaving everyone in a grim famine.

The Associated Press monitors the recent tragic crisis of the lives of farmers and the entire population of northern South Africa.

Around the dirt road leading to the city of Fassburg, many of the empty fields on its thrones appear to have been a source of livelihood for thousands of residents, while warning signs appear to drivers on the side of the road not to shock the herds of cattle, but in reality there are no herds in place. ... According to the United Nations, the recent drought has left 11 million people at risk of starvation in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and parts of northern South Africa, particularly Cape.

South Africa’s Karoo region has always been parched — it means land of thirst in the language of its earliest inhabitants, the Khoisan hunter-gatherers.

Yet nothing prepared residents of its oldest town, Graaff-Reinet, for their worst drought in more than a century. ... As the dry spell entered its fourth year, tap water turned brown and smelled like rotting fish. When the water behind the Nqweba Dam dried up, depositing tens of thousands of dead fish onto cracked earth, queues began forming at municipal boreholes and farm animals died in their hundreds. ... The bleak choices facing millions of people in drought-stricken southern Africa — whether to flush toilets or not, or to keep animals alive or let them die — could soon be faced by other places on a warming planet with shrinking water supplies.