New Zealand government assigned new tasks to the army starting today
New Zealand government assigned new tasks to the army starting today

Additional steps from the New Zealand government for the army, the first of which is the task of monitoring borders and following quarantine procedures throughout New Zealand.

The authorities in New Zealand have announced the assignment of border control and the application of quarantine measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus emerging to the army, after two people were infected with the virus and were allowed to leave early.

The detection of the new injuries came about ten days after the authorities announced that the country was free of active injuries.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that army and military resources will be used to counter the spread of the virus, if necessary.

Ardern added that the protection measures at the borders must be strict and disciplined, and should have the confidence of the ministers and all New Zealanders.

She added that the two new cases of Covid 19 disease represent "an unacceptable failure of the system."

No women coming from the United Kingdom through Australia on the third day of their arrival or even before they left quarantine were examined according to the established rules to stop the spread of the virus.

The two women were excluded from the quarantine rules for humanitarian reasons as they were allowed to leave Auckland to visit their dying father in Wellington.

Health Secretary David Clark temporarily suspended all exemptions after these two injuries were registered.