Top 10 tourist islands in the world

Imagine how much fun it is to visit these cities and feel the sand between your toes and hear the waves of the sea crashing on the beach, these cities located on the most famous islands can take you away from all your concerns, and enter you in a world of excitement and joy.

1.Trogir, Croatia:

Trogir - Croatia

The city of Trogir is a historic city and port located on the Adriatic coast in the province of Splitdalmatia, in Croatia, with a population according to 2011 statistics about 10818 people.Trogir is located on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Siofu, located 27 km (17 To the west of Split, from 1997, the historic center of Trogir has been inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage Site. This city is just as spectacular as you can take a stroll in a medieval maze between the streets while eating ice cream. Picturesque and the tranquility of nature Trogir is just a microcosm of the ideal of Croatia, the city of Trogir on the front seaside promenade lined with bars, cafes, and yachts in the summer.

2.The island of Mozambique, Mozambique:

sland of Mozambique - Mozambique

Located in the north of Mozambique, between the Mozambique Canal and the Misionial Bay, part of the province of Nampula, this small town has a lot of history.It was the center of the trade and capital of Portuguese colonists in East Africa for five centuries until it gained its independence in 1975. Mozambique is characterized by paved streets Since the 16th century, large-scale migration by whites began, the country's long-running civil war hindered the country's development, the ruling party formally abandoned it in 1989, drafted a new constitution and a free market economy began to rise. Mozambique is a World Heritage Site and one From Ala The fastest growing tourist destination, with a population of approximately 14,000 and served by Nampula's Lambo Airport.
3- Lübeck, Germany:

 Lübeck - Germany

The city of Lübeck, this handsome city has lost some of its power as the medieval capital, and enveloped by the River Treff, which stands as a witness to the dazzling and timeless history of this city, Lübeck is the jewel of the twelfth century, and contains more than 1000 historic buildings, and all books The city of Lübeck is one of the founding cities of the powerful Hanseatic League. The streets of Lübeck are lined with houses and churches, and are recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1987, and today this city is a thriving city that retains many charming corners. For exploration, Bam A fab museum that tells the whole story of Lübeck.
4- Male, Maldives:

Male - Maldives

Malé is the capital of the Maldives and is known to be turquoise waters and attractive as well, and the Maldives shares the same clear waters where there are famous resorts all over the country, but Mali is distinguished from the rest of the Maldives is a city that combines future thinking and world-class, and thanks Its population has doubled in 20 years.This city is characterized by high-rise buildings with bright colors.It is surrounded by turquoise waters.It has bars and restaurants that are free of alcohol.It has large shops and vital markets.This island is also an opportunity to get the true feeling of an island.

5- Key West, Florida:

Key West - Florida

Key West is located in Florida, which is the southern tip of the United States, especially in Monroe County.

Everybody welcomes you to Key West, to discover one of the most unusual cities and islands, with ancient palaces with huge palm trees and a range of shantytowns that are the foundation of Key West.Examples of palm-filled streets are Tennessee Williams Stroll. There are many pubs, such as the Ernest Hemingway Pub. Key West is a popular destination for many cruise ship passengers. It also has various services, and many hotels and guest houses are available for all residents. There is aided by excellent weather conditions.

6-Venice, Mexico:

venice - mexico

This small island has houses with all the roofs of tiles, and can not move in the city during the summer only by boat, this is the rainy season, has been named for this reason, although Venice is located in Mexico, and this city is already a great sense of Mexican pride because it Man-made and considered to be picturesque cities, this city is said to be called the Aztecs name Tenochtitlan, and later became the name of Mexico City, and in the 11th century, this small island known as Venice.

7-Tromsø, Norway:

Tromsø - Norway

The city of Tromsø is located in the Arctic Circle and is more than just panoramic views of the snow-capped fjords, often called Tromsø (in the north of Paris) due to the presence of the Northern Lights from a reasonable distance, and it is beautiful in Tromsø that the city center is full of charming old wooden houses .

8-Lindau, Germany:

Lindau - Germany

The city of Lindau is a floating city on Lake Constance Cobalt.This city prides itself for centuries on the beauty of its streets.Its official name is Lindau Bodensee, a large city and island on the eastern side of Lake Constance and floating in the middle of it, which is near the border of Austria. Visiting Lindau, you will find the Bavarian statue greet you, and you will find the spirit of centuries past, and the lemon tree is the coat of arms in Lindau.

9-Santa Cruz del, Colombia:

Santa Cruz del - Colombia

Santa Cruzdale is an island off the coast of Colombia, and its population is large compared to its small size, it is the most densely populated city on the planet and is located on an island, and it is interesting that the city has about 1200 people and each family land area of ​​about 2.5 acres In fact, this city was created by fishermen in the nineteenth century so that they could stay away from the danger of fish and get some rest.

10-Florianopolis, Brazil:

Florianopolis - Brazil

Florianópolis is a city of 42 green beaches and prairies that have been harmoniously integrated with urban development. Business lords feel at home in this southern Brazilian city, called Florpanópolis (Magic Island). Of the demographic factors, and there are vast areas of rich green land that blends seamlessly with the development of the city, and Florianopolis is the capital of Brazil and the second largest city in the state of Santa Catarina, in the southern region of Brazil, this city is known to be the culmination With a very high quality of life, it is the third highest city in the country in terms of human development among all Brazilian cities.